Please join Katrina and Mike on Saturday 21st April 2018 as we celebrate our wedding in Arundel

Ceremony at 1:30pm

Evening Reception at 7:00pm

Carriages at midnight.

Dress code

Ladies - hats and fascinators highly encouraged.

Men - just do your best.



The Proposal

We got engaged in Paris because Mike thought that to propose in Paris would be such an obvious move that it would sort of reset and become unexpected. After a nervous day carrying the ring around he finally went for it, in the middle of a bridge that turned out later to be called The Invalid's Bridge. 


Some Flowers

Here we are hanging around in a flower patch. We want you to know that we do this 90-95% of the time. If you invite us round your house and have a nice garden, we're going to sit in some flowers and take a selfie. It's just who we are.